Indian-Made Equipment Handed Over to its Security Agencies

Indian-made equipment

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A variety of Indian-made equipment has been handed over to key Indian security agencies. The Indian Defense Minister, Arun Jaitley, handed over E-Nasika, an equipment capable of rapid detection of chemical agents well below toxic limits, to National Disaster Response Force. Another device supplied was the Optical Target Locator-300, can instantly detect partially camouflaged optical elements, such as telescopes, binoculars and night vision devices in 300-meter range. The system consists of an enhanced imaging camera with a laser source. It includes optical zoom assembly, laser beam expander, electronics and a micro-display with an ocular (and an LCD display as an option).

According to, since September last year, the Indian armed forces have lost more than 24 men due to snipers and mortars operated by Pakistani forces along the Line of Control. Snipers and night-vision devices detection equipment will hold vital importance in the mountainous Himalayan region where the life of soldiers posted within visual range remains at stake, especially on the front with Pakistan. To make things worse the Pakistani Army has also recently enhanced the number of snipers along the LoC to counter the Indian Army.

“The spectral analysis software processes signals with the help of an in-built single-board computer. The algorithm provides automatic acquisition of data, its processing and finally matching of peak points of different explosive materials which are stored in a computer library to provide information about targeted materials in text, as well as audio alarm simultaneously in about 10-12 seconds,” the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) said in a statement.

India’s Intelligence Bureau received the device from the DRDO. It is a laser-based, hand-held, complete explosive identification system with hardware and software, for the screening of all kinds of explosives in the form of liquids, solids and powders contained in transparent or semitransparent containers from a distance of 30 centimeters extendable up to 5 meters.