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A new solution for getting emergency help faster and more efficiently has been exposed. Motorola Solutions and RapidSOS, an emergency technology startup, will soon begin delivering precise location information for U.S. 911 calls made from smartphones. The solution creates end-to-end data connectivity by sharing precise location across the emergency call, from citizens in need to dispatchers to first responders.

According to, about 70% of U.S. 911 calls are made from mobile phones, and knowing the precise location of an emergency caller can accelerate time to resolution. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 911 calls from mobile phones may provide a general indication of the caller’s location, but that information is not always specific enough to quickly deploy first responders.

In the coming weeks, precise location information enabled by RapidSOS will be available on Emergency CallWorks CallStation, Motorola Solutions’ software for emergency call-taking and mapping.

The Precise location also will be delivered to first responders in the field through Motorola Solutions’ Messaging and Mapping public safety mobile applications that will be released later this year. Precise location will be estimated based on the location of the device, using sensors on the device and WiFi access points, Bluetooth transmitters and other technology that detects indoor and outdoor location.

Tom Guthrie, vice president, Smart Public Safety Solutions, Motorola Solutions said this solution “enables precise location to be shared across the end-to-end workflow of an emergency call, ensuring personnel at every stage have the critical information they need. The expansion of public safety broadband enables us to create solutions like this one, which allows for more information-sharing among first responders, public safety command centers, and citizens.”

“RapidSOS’ technology transmits rich data from wearables, connected cars, consumer IoT, and mobile devices,” said Michael Martin, chief executive officer, RapidSOS. “Working with Motorola Solutions, we can provide unprecedented information to first responders in an emergency – having a profound impact on emergency response.”

In addition to delivering precise location for emergency calls from smartphones, the companies are also exploring how third-party data collected by smartphones, connected cars, wearables and other connected devices can flow through Motorola Solutions’ integrated suite of command center software, from 911 call-takers and dispatchers to police officers and emergency medical personnel in the field.