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Various solutions have been developed to protect ships in naval bases from hostile attacks. HALO Maritime Defense Systems has won a $3.4 million two-year contract from US Naval Sea Systems Command to provide a fully automated waterside security barrier at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia.

According to, the contract calls for replacing the legacy manual barrier at Naval Station Norfolk with the HALO Guardian Gate, a next generation and fully automatic gate, as well as providing maintenance and support services for the first year of operation.

The HALO Guardian gate is being installed to protect ships while in port and to provide a minimum of 300 feet of clearance for vessel passage in and out of port.

The HALO Waterside Security Barrier system uses a modular assembly design that is the

only commercial off-the-shelf, scalable, and fully automatic waterside security barrier.

The Guardian gate is a double-wall barrier that can be connected to any existing infrastructure (such as breakwaters or piers) or other HALO security systems.

HALO is designed to stop a hostile attacking boat on impact by transferring the kinetic energy of the force into the water mass that is trapped between the barrier walls.

The double wall barrier has diamond shaped segments that form vertical walls in the water. The segments are joined by multiple flexible rubber hinges of a proprietary compound, and the walls composed of a plastic coated aluminum framework that supports the horizontal impact cables.

The company’s website says that the Guardian system is a scalable, dynamic maritime gate and retractable barrier designed for the harshest marine environment. The system uses a modular assembly design that provides quick and easy maintenance. The patented, accordion style structure allows remote opening and closing of the gate system.