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The commercialization of new technologies or products requires experience and expertise. The US Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T) is now looking for help bringing the technology it sponsors to market. Technologies include ones to help emergency first responders, protect computer networks, support disaster resilience and more.

According to, the agency’s Technology Transfer and Commercialization (T2C) is looking for broad input from a variety of organizations that includes “interested U.S. state or local government offices, universities, businesses and nonprofit organizations” on how they could help its Office of Public-Private Partnerships’ Technology Transfer and Commercialization program accelerate technology transfer and commercialization of DHS-funded technologies with Homeland Security Enterprise applications.

In a recent RFI, DHS said it is looking for information on how others approach facilitating technology commercialization, including input on how to move from research to market, scheduling and planning processes and what data is needed for each step, such as technical performance levels, intellectual property decisions and transfer mechanisms.

The agency also wants to hear about successful examples of commercialization that could translate to DHS, including technical steps to get the technology to a “minimum viable product or service.”

Experience in collaborative R&D and successful technology commercialization in partnership with one or more federal agencies and/or technology partners is also valuable, it said.

A chosen DHS partner will provide management and guidance on technology transfer and commercialization options for programs, products and technologies; facilitate training and education on commercialization best practices; and identify relevant laws, regulations and policies, according to

The partnership will also identify opportunities for technology commercialization from DHS S&T’s portfolio; conduct or validate market analyses to determine a technology’s commercial potential, and recommend metrics to evaluate the success of technology transfer and commercialization efforts.