iHLS Wishes you Happy Passover!

iHLS Wishes you Happy Passover!


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iHLS wishes the readers of our website, the customers, the followers at the social media, around the world and in Israel:

Happy Passover! Wishing you growth and success!

This holiday we can look forwards with pride. iHLS website continues to be an updated and reliable information center regarding homeland security, a field which has become more and more relevant globally and in Israel. We promise to keep supplying you with an update and professional information regarding all aspects of homeland security – innovative technologies, industry news, entrepreneurship, collaborations, dual-use developments, etc.

We are approaching the ending of the second cycle of iHLS security accelerator and the opening of the third cycle. Our portfolio companies have accelerated both from the business and technological aspects, and have been exposed to collaborations and important leads which culminated in business links and investments: within the framework of the accelerator, we’ve succeeded in connecting companies from the civilian realm to the security ecosystem and vice versa, and have reached impressive success in fundraising and in selling companies.

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we wish all the startups of iHLS accelerator great success and fulfillment of your goals!

And there are many more plans for the future, but right now we’re busy preparing the holiday feast.

So we will take a short break to celebrate Passover, but immediately after, we will continue with all of the activities that made us into an international information and networking center in the field of Homeland Security in its widest possible sense.