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What technology will reshape the future battlefield? How will technological innovations change the way first responders operate during law enforcement and rescue missions?

The Future Forces Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS for the third year, will try to answer these questions and many others.  

The conference will provide a forum for expert speakers from the military, the defense industries, first responders organizations etc. and serve as the premier venue for innovative startups, industry leaders and potential customers to meet and forge collaborations.

Israel has been one of the world’s leaders in the homeland security and defense fields. The constant and diverse threats it has been facing in various arenas have led the Israeli ecosystem to the development of unique and innovative technologies.

The conference and exhibition will focus on the latest technologies regarding future forces in the context of homeland security, land, air and naval warfare. Furthermore, they will reflect innovations in low intensity warfare in urban environments as well in traditional war zones.

New wearable technologies will change the way search and rescue teams, law enforcement officers, SWAT teams, soldiers, etc. would cope with their missions – from firefighting to combatting terrorists.

A vast array of sensors will enhance the capabilities of these units, from miniaturized cameras or communication equipment to biosensors. Situational awareness would be enhanced by technologies varying from advanced goggles and special sights to geospatial devices. Robotics and autonomous vehicles in various fields have already been changing the role of human teams and succeeding in saving lives. Innovation has also been reflected at the training field, as VR/AR, holograms and other advanced technologies have been incorporated in simulation systems and instruction.

All these technologies and more will be the focus of the Future Forces Conference, which

will take place on May 25th, 2017 at the Lago Conference Center in Rishon LeZion.

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