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123The installation of a smart fence around the sub-stations of the Israel Electric Company’s (IEC) has been recently completed. These installations are part of a pilot program designed to test the capabilities of a new protective system, which works without interference in an electromagnetic induction noisy environment.

IEC examined the smart fence and its’ ability to function without being disturbed or influenced by extremely strong electromagnetic induction generated by the high voltage output of the sub-stations.  These power stations can produce and emit hundreds of thousands of volts. Twelve companies took part in the tender and IEC ultimately selected two companies who were asked to install their systems for review and experience.

DOG-sec, located in the city of Rehovot, was one of the two finalists in the tender and completed the installation of its system at an IEC sub-station. Mr. Israel Cohen, the CEO of DOG-sec, explained the system his company developed. “The ability of our system to overcome the problem of strong electromagnetic induction around the power station results from its resilience to electromagnetic induction and other disorders. The key to this accomplishment is our use of a unique cable produced in England to our special requirements. The components of the cable and the way it is produced renders the system immune from external disturbances and reduces the system’s false alarm rate to a minimum.”