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Russian defense industry companies are developing military robots that could be of interest to foreign customers, Oleg Martyanov, a member of Russia’s Military-Industrial Commission, recently told

Martyanov added that the robotics industry companies should seek similar success levels abroad as have been enjoyed by the highly popular Kalashnikov assault rifles.

“Along with the development of samples of robotics for our military department, which are planned for adoption, we are working on samples that will have similar technical characteristics, but will be of interest to foreign customers,” said Martyanov.

Russia’s Military-Industrial Commission is a government agency that implements defense industry policy and oversees the development of military technology for national defense and security.

In January, the Russian president Vladimir Putin said that Russia needs to develop its own advanced technologies in the sphere of robotics to strengthen combat readiness of the country’s general purpose forces.

He added that the general purpose forces should be strengthened “taking into consideration the clear understanding of the potential conflicts’ nature and mainstream trends in the development of armed forces both globally and domestically.”

“The development of autonomous robotic systems is an important line of research. These systems could radically change the spectrum of weaponry for the general purpose forces”, Putin added in January.