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Terrorist and criminal threats have urged industry companies to develop new technologies in order to enhance the security of people in crowded places.

A new line of bullet- and blast-resistant furniture designed to shield travelers in the event of an act of violence in the public space has been revealed by Toronto-based Arconas, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of furniture for airports and public spaces.

The company has teamed up with Amulet Ballistic Barriers, an American manufacturer of bullet-and blast-resistant products, to seamlessly integrate Amulet’s bullet-absorbing technology into airport seating.

The furniture line is a first for the global airport industry.

The “invisible” barrier technology is integrated during the manufacturing process, and is designed to protect human lives from gunfire or explosive devices without affecting the design, appearance or comfort of the airport seating, according to

“Arconas is constantly striving to develop design innovations that are human-focused and meet changing market demands,” said Dan Nussbaum, Arconas President. “There is demand for this technology, not only in airports, but also in public spaces throughout the world.”

Amulte’s ‘retrofit kit’ allows for easy transformation of an existing system into a protected environment, within minutes, according to the company’s website. Its technology not only absorbs bullets and fragmentation, but is also designed to not dislodge from the host furniture product even when under continuous assault.

Amulet barrier technology has fast become a key component of the physical security market, which is expected to double in size within the next few years.  Amulet Ballistic Barriers are designed to be uniquely compatible with interior furnishings and exceed U.S. National Institute of Justice as well as Underwriters Laboratories performance criteria for handgun, rifle and explosive-device threats.