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A new terror alert smartphone app will be released worldwide later this month, providing users one place where they can obtain relevant real-time information and a clear understanding of what’s taking place around them during a terrorist attack.  

According to Defense Trading Solutions LLC press release, TerrorMate alerts users to possible and actual terror attacks and provides information on how to stay safe in the affected area.

TerrorMate is the world’s first encrypted terrorism alert app with mobile to mobile encrypted instant messaging, terror alert and attack geo-location feature and intelligence feed with 24/7 live support.

It utilizes the users’ location to deliver relevant information, with alerts appearing within five minutes of an attack or alert. Various mobile carriers have shown interest in having their users get primary access to the app.

“This is a pioneer kind of app that really focuses on getting the user relevant news and intelligence information in real time so they can take the necessary steps to stay safe,” says Barry Oberholzer, Senior Vice President of Defense Trading Solutions and creator of the TerrorMate app. “Real or possible terrorist attacks happen in a dynamic and changing environment so people need every resource possible to understand what’s happening around them in real time, and this app achieves that.”

The company’s experts have gained their insight and expertise through careers in the military, diplomatic and intelligence services, as well as in the law enforcement, journalism, the United Nations, finance and commerce.