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Mobile robotics is playing an increasingly important role in border security, military facilities, and even power plants. To meet this growing demand, NXT Robotics has developed Scorpion, a rugged all-terrain and all-weather outdoor security robot designed to security using monitoring and reporting capabilities.

As reported on finance.Yahoo, Scorpion is an autonomous security patrol that lowers costs while maximizing physical security surveillance capabilities. The device is designed for places such as military facilities, power plants, borders, parking structures, farms and ranches, and seaports.

Its design, which incorporates multi-camera use, video capture and rich sensor payload helps secure assets and ensure safety while navigating challenging environments. Scorpion can also be easily controlled by mobile or its web interface. Optionally, each Scorpion can be automatically dispatched from NXT Robotics’ INVISN 3D security appliance for maximum operational flexibility and convenience.

While using the new technology, security managers can also connect to the NXT cloud-based visual analytics platform for enhanced results such as hair, shirt/trouser colors, abandoned package detection, license plate recognition, and aggressive behavior detection. A remote operator can also speak through the device and listen to close-by events via the on-board microphone.

Jeff Debrosse, founder and CTO of NXT Robotics explained: “Unmanned Ground Vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for organizations that need to scale their operations while lowering costs and ensuring the consistency and quality of the results. NXT Robotics’ ability to provide mobile and camera platforms with a cohesive customer interface to secure assets and safety is our niche in the marketplace.”