New Approach to Military Info Network Security


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A new approach has been offered to securing and protecting defense information networks. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) — a U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) agency tasked with operating the information infrastructure of the national leadership and the military services — has awarded RedSeal a multiyear contract for its network-modeling and risk-scoring platform; the contract is valued at $33.8 million.

As part of the agencywide effort to create a highly resilient global DoD network, DISA will use RedSeal to model and continuously monitor the infrastructure of the Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS) security architecture, provide visibility into network segmentation, and measure overall resiliency to deliver risk-based situational awareness. JRSS is a suite of equipment that performs firewall functions, intrusion detection and prevention, enterprise management, virtual routing and forwarding (VRF), and other network-security capabilities.

The JRSS makes the security of the network centralized into regional architectures instead of locally distributed architectures at each military base, post, camp, or station. According to DISA, the regionally distributed JRSS will eventually support more than 95 percent of the DoD’s network.

RedSeal public sector vice-president and general manager Kimberly Baker said: “The JRSS stacks are located at strategic military installations around the world, creating a massive, varied and dispersed network that supports critical military services. Its resilience is a matter of international security”, according to

DISA will also provide RedSeal’s modeling and risk scoring platform to all US Army networks, USAF boundary networks, and several other COCOM networks in order to further improve the resilience of their networks.

RedSeal’s security analytics platform analyzes the network and automatically builds a model, so customers can understand and continuously monitor their whole network. By revealing configuration errors and discovering unintended access paths, the RedSeal security analytics platform helps verify compliance with established operating standards, policies and regulations, according to the company’s website.

The platform provides actionable intelligence for rapid response.

RedSeal develops essential analytics and decision-making platforms for digitally-resilient organizations. The company supplies the measure by which every organization can quantify its digital resilience.