Forthcoming Big Data Conference – What’s on the Program?

big data

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Big data impacts every aspect of life. In the homeland security sphere, Israel is a leading player with proven capabilities and operational experience in areas such as big data analytics for intelligence, various applications in law enforcement and cyber security, and more.

Tal Meiron, We Ankor

The Big Data for HLS Conference and Exhibition, which will take place on February 13th, 2017 at the Lago Conference Center, Rishon LeZion, will host some of the leading experts in the field and showcase cutting-edge technologies.

Tzur Hazan, IBM

Among the fascinating topics at the conference, organized by iHLS, will be outsmarting malware, cognitive command and control solutions, proactive security alerts using big data analytics and biometric methods, tracking anomalies, and more.

Aviram Zrahia, Juniper Networks

The presentations will be given by David Tyuri, Head of Cyber Accessibility Provision Field in IAI, Amiram Zrahia, Consulting Engineer in Juniper Networks,

Ester Y. Kashtanov, Agriyos

Tzur Hazan, Cognitive Analytics Solution leader, MOD sector, IBM, Maj. Sefi Cohen, Head of Operational Information Research Department at the IDF, Tal Meiron, Director, Big Data and Cyber Security PS Manager at We Ankor, as well as Ester Y. Kashtanov from Agriyos, and representatives from DELL/EMC, SAP and AMAN.