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Defence IoT startup CRON Systems deploys border security solutions, some of which have also been adapted for commercial markets. The company’s products include integrated intrusion detection and smart fencing solutions, comprising laser walls and surveillance drones.

The company has bagged orders from the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) and the Indian Army to install its products at army camp airports.

The company develops intrusion detection systems that implement advanced IoT technologies and designs at a fraction of the costs of other leading products in that space, according to their website.

The company’s initial product line is the KV series powered by Infrared and Laser – offering all terrain all weather breach notification.

CRON System’s perimeter security solutions act like a security wall and provide an intrusion alert range up to 1 KM per unit installation. Using evolution and innovation over Laser and Infra Red, the system is ideal for areas spread over kilometers.

Perimeter Security Variants include:

  • KVI Series: CRON’s KVI (Infrared Intrusion Alert) series, for the protection of expensive equipment, entrance where the distance of more than 400 Meter is not required.
  • KVL Series: KVL series works on laser array technology which enables this unit to work without the need for accurate alignment, whereas conventional equipment fails to work even with slightest of disturbances. A single unit can protect a range up to 1 Kilometers.
  • KVH Series: KVH Series combines the power of both (Infrared and Laser) and comes with a failsafe mechanism with added security.

CRON recently raised an undisclosed amount in its pre-series A round of investment from early stage investor YourNest India Fund, according to “The investment in CRON perfectly fits our investment thesis. Their products have already been deployed in real life hostile territory and have been saving numerous lives at our international borders,” said Girish Shivani, co-founder, executive director and fund manager at YourNest. “It is a very differentiated application of B2B IoT to make border security smart,“ he said. “The market opportunity is so large, not only from the B2G (business-to-government) side, but also from the B2B side.“

According to, over the next six months, the firm plans to launch four new products – automated trucks for patrolling along borders, laser wall KV Series, data integration system Micron, and the Skywatch prototype that blocks surveillance drones.