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A new version of an integrated command suite was released recently, enabling the organization and collapsing of previously disparate data and systems from different sources onto a single pane of glass and adding mission critical contextual information to raw data.

The development’s ease of use and configuration enables connected elements to quickly integrate and visualize real-time data from remote platforms including sensors, operational assets and a variety of information and operations feeds.

Textron Systems Advanced Information Solutions, an operating unit of Textron Systems, has released the new version of its iCommand integrated command suite, iCommand 2.5.

Using its intuitive web-based interface, operators are able to dynamically manage critical aspects of the data including name, symbology, attribution, layering and attachments, reports

iCommand 2.5 operates in a disconnected, intermittent and limited (DIL) environment that supports bandwidth optimization for both entity data and video streams.

iCommand 2.5 delivers the ability to create custom and standard georeferenced entities, setup automated alerting and event logging.

“iCommand 2.5 enhances interactions and collaboration between mission commanders and tactical edge users for greater performance and scalability in robust operations,” says Daryl Madden, Textron Systems Senior Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Information Solutions. “It takes the capabilities of our previous iCommand solution to the next level and expands its application to a wider range of environments.”

iCommand 2.5 offers enhanced recorded video review, enabling users to start and stop video stream feeds and review video data captured over a 48-hour period. Additionally, users will have the capability to share GeoMarkers with other users in a public or private paradigm.

According to the company’s website, iCommand gives operational organizations the capabilities to gain all-inclusive situational understanding of the battlespace, including a managed data environment for viewing and manipulating all aspects of entities present throughout the battlespace, real-time platform and sensor-management tasking, and mission-critical, contextual information to live streaming data.