Big Data for Intelligence and Security

big data

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Big data is all about storing, processing and retrieving information. Data may include calls to the police, phone calls, video and photos recorded by thousands of cameras and many other sorts of information in huge quantities.  

Within the context of military intelligence, the ability to retrieve information from a large database is the key to acquiring the ability to gather intelligence, leading to the ability to identify an attack in advance and be prepared.

Finding the right information, its processing and sharing it through connectivity to other relevant databases – enable the acquiring of intelligence information and cyber security.

Securing data assets requires innovative information security methods. Israel is among the most advanced states in this field, as it has built its military force and intelligence system on a security concept that is based on big data tools.

iHLS is organizing its fifth  Big Data Fusion Conference and Exhibition on February 13th, 2017. In both the defense and HLS world, Israel is a leading player with proven capabilities and operational experience. Today’s threats range from criminal activity to full-scale war through large-scale terrorism and Cyber-attacks against national critical infrastructures. At present, actionable Intelligence is within reach of Homeland Security Mega-agencies and organization. The data is “out there”, in the virtual world, the challenge lies in gathering, assessing, and providing real-time relevant alerts.

Among the Topics discussed at the conference:

  • Big Data Analytics for the Intelligence Mission
  • BigData in Law Enforcement
  • Social Media Analytics for the Intelligence
  • Big Data and Smart cities
  • Uncovering Unknown Threats with Big Data Analytics
  • Multidisciplinary Aspects of Threat Information Sharing
  • Real-Time Sensor Environment
  • Big Data Integration
  • Predictive Analytics and Money Laundering Prevention
  • Cyber Threats and Big Data Security