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The global surveillance company, Synectics, which designs end-to-end integrated security and surveillance solutions for gaming, oil and gas, marine, transport, infrastructure and public space applications, has been awarded contracts for ten marine and offshore vessels scheduled for construction in South Korea and China.

The international vessels – LNG Carriers, LPG Carriers and Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRUs) – will all be equipped with complete surveillance technologies comprising Synectics’ COEX camera stations, Synergy command and control functionality, and tailored integrations. The largest of the contracts will see COEX C2000 and C3000 High Definition camera stations, and Synergy Compact Ultra hardware platforms, deployed on six LNG carriers.

As written in the company’s press release published on its website, Synectics, with over 30 years’ experience developing solutions for the oil, gas and marine sectors, will also be responsible for Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and commissioning of the installed systems.

In addition to providing all-around camera control and secure incident/evidence management for each individual vessel, Synergy Compact’s onboard software will enable each vessel to integrate surveillance data with third party systems – including radar – in order to improve situational awareness and threat detection.

Synectics will supply cameras and security/process management solutions for two LPG Carriers. As well as offering on-vessel surveillance management, the Synergy solution deployed will enable remote viewing and camera control.

All of the contracts will be supported by Synectics’ dedicated Asia Pacific regional office based in Singapore.

Darren Alder, Synectics Division Director for Oil and Gas, said: “The oil and gas market is going through a wild era, but as these contracts show – for businesses like ours that have the right sector experience and international support infrastructure in place, quality opportunities are out there. We are delighted to have secured these marine projects based on our expertise, relationships with the major shipyards and ability to deliver end-to-end surveillance solutions”.