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GhostEye MR is Raytheon’s new sensor for the National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) that recently passed its test runs successfully.

According to Interesting Engineering, NASAMS is a combat-proven air defense system that can protect against enemy aircraft, drones, and cruise missiles, while GhostEye MR is an addition that can extend its range and coverage. GhostEye MR is part of Raytheon’s GhostEye sensors and provides increased range and altitude coverage for NASAMS.

During the recent test, GhostEye MR was integrated with NASAMS’ Air Defense Console and BC3 (a command-and-control element used by the US Air Force). The radar managed to accurately detect and track live targets at longer distances, giving more time and options for the defenders.

Jim Simonds, Program Manager at the US Air Force Research Laboratory, said: “This experiment showed that GhostEye MR is a viable sensor option for integrated air and missile defense. The radar clearly demonstrated its ability to be rapidly deployed and detect and track live targets precisely at longer ranges, providing increased standoff and decision-making time.”

The test also simulated a live threat scenario in which GhostEye MR managed to provide a comprehensive air picture for the command-and-control system to decide whether a target was a threat and what response was required. The radar also supported simulated engagements and successfully defeated the targets with the help of NASAMS.

Raytheon president of Land & Air Defense Systems Tom Laliberty said: “The team’s success demonstrates that GhostEye MR can meet the needs of the US Air Force. Air bases around the world face a growing array of sophisticated airborne threats, and this exercise marked a significant step toward fielding an integrated capability for air base air defense.”