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As the use of commercial drones becomes more and more wide, drone countermeasures are needed in order to confront intruders.

Although it looks like a heavy duty rifle, the DroneGun can safely make a drone land or retreat, without firing an actual explosive shot.

DroneGun, developed by DroneShield, provides a safe countermeasure against a wide range of drone models. It allows for a controlled management of drone payload such as explosives, with no damage to common drones models or surrounding environment due to the drone’s generally responding via a vertical controlled landing on the spot, or returning back to the starting point (assisting to track the operator).

This less violent rifle actually hijacks the navigation systems of the drone. In addition, it also blocks the drone’s video transmission back to its owner, reports This way the drone remains intact for further forensic investigation, or to make sure that its payload isn’t damaged in the process.

According to the company’s website, the gun has an up to 2km effective coverage, in a wide range of environmental conditions. It is portable by a backpack, and can be operated by one person. It is easy to use, and technical training for set up or use is not required.

The DroneGun isn’t yet for sale to consumers, DroneShield has yet to get the necessary FCC authorization to clear any legal issues about selling and using this anti-UAV measure.