Terrain Dominance – Various Applications also for Civilian Market

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Terrain dominance technologies are well known as means for attaining intelligence on a defined region for a prolonged period of time. These developments offer a variety of applications also on the civilian market.

All-round defense systems serve for securing the borders, but also enhance the security of businesses, production plants and organizations, that seek defense technologies against unauthorized intruders –  organizational security systems that provide real time access control and breaching detection.

Various sensors supply detection and surveillance regarding people and vehicle movement, and updating the security forces on real time. The police, emergency organizations and municipal command centers use terrain dominance technologies in order to grant their residents with Safe City standards – early warning and defense against criminal and terrorist activity, and a rapid response in case this occurs. In addition to the sensors deployed throughout the city, including cameras, movement senors, radars etc., these organizations also need advanced communication systems for rapid and efficient management and coordination with all organizations.

Advanced command and control systems supply military forces with the ability to remotely control a defined area. These systems also serve for managing business systems and organizational infrastructures. Innovative solutions are offered at the software management systems for video surveillance operations for organizations, government vital infrastructure, airports, road networks and the public at large.

Video analytics systems can automatically analyze the vast video data and are capable of identifying suspect movements, and they can save expensive human resources to businesses and security providers.

For example, day and night cameras will soon be deployed along  route 443 between Modi’in and Jerusalem, which was subject to many terrorist attempts and attacks. The cameras will be connected to a command center to enable surveillance on real time. UAVs and observation balloons will also operate over the road for a better control for the benefit of all drivers, mainly civilians.

The availability of vast data collected by the various sensors requires analysis and management systems which would produce intelligence and valuable information from all the disparate resources, and enable informed decision making.

All these dual-use aspects and many more will be the focus of iHLS upcoming conference on Military and C4I Technologies for Terrain Dominance on 20.12.16.

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