New Police Tool for Road Pursuits

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Kustom Signals Inc. recently introduced the new Long Range accessory for the LaserCam 4, a fourth generation hand-held video LIDAR.

LaserCam 4 continually zooms with target tracking, optimizing target specific speed measurements and simplifying the user experience. The result is irrefutable video evidence confirming every Speed Enforcement citation with capability to record seatbelt or mobile phone infractions

The new development is an optical lens accessory that takes a tripod-mounted telephoto camera lens that enhances the operational distance at which the device can identify target registration plates and other offenses. The device is able to provide video or photo evidence that can identify registration plates (depending on region) at approximately 400 meters (1312 feet) and at a much lower cost than competing solutions, according to the company’s statement as written at

The new development offers faster acquisition time and image resolution of plates at longer distances, providing a comprehensive video record of tracking history. The new LaserCam 4 LR will begin production in the first quarter of 2017.