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According to Russian Defense, Sergei Shoigu’s interview for sputniknews, Admiral Grigorovich frigate targeted terrorists in Syria with Kalibr cruise missile strikes.

Last December the same missiles were launched by a Syrian submarine at ground targets in Syria.

According to Shoigu “Admiral frigate took part in an operation in which he launched Kalibr cruise missiles on terrorist targets that had been confirmed by intelligence data and determined in advance”. Shoigu added that the Russian Armed Forces launch strikes on terrorists’ plants in Syria, especially those producing poisonous substances. “It’s clear that they have well-organized industrial production, that’s why we carry out strikes; Ammunition depots, terrorist training centers and plants producing different means of unconventional weapons are the main targets of the strikes.”

Russia will continue strikes on terrorists’ industrial and military sites in Syria, Shoigu said. The minister reminded that a large group of Russian troops were sent to the country to determine what kind of chemical weapons terrorists in Syria were using. “They used them twice this week. In one instance, 27 people were hospitalized and three were killed, in the other case 30 were hospitalized.” he added.

On October 15, Russia’s Northern Fleet’s press service said that a group of warships headed by the aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov accompanied by the Pyotr Veliky battle cruiser, the Severomorsk and Vice-Admiral Kulakov anti-submarine destroyer, and support vessels was sent to the Mediterranean to hold drills.