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New technologies designated for weapons, helmets, torso protection and night vision systems using each element as a separate weapons platform, were demonstrated by SEA, a company specializing in soldier systems, maritime combat systems, simulation and training.

SEA has completed the demonstration of the new technologies as part of the UK Delivering Dismounted Effect (DDE) Research project. SEA was a prime contractor to the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) on the DDE Research project and headed a team from industry and academia delivering integrated dismounted soldier systems research to the UK MoD.

The DDE research, according to you, investigated the technical feasibility, benefits and costs associated with integrating power and data onto the weapon and helmet. All the systems have been designed to meet the challenges required by an adaptable and flexible force dealing with evolving threats and it is envisaged will be part of the equipment and design of the future soldier.

It is also planned that in the future the technologies designed under the DDE Project will lead to enhanced collaborative engagement across multi-national forces and will help the military and government consider the lethality-related implications of females operating in ground combat roles.

SEA Managing Director Stephen Hill, said: “We are proud to have led this vital research project which will bolster the operational effectiveness of the next generation of soldiers.  There is tremendous potential to increase the capability of weapons and equipment while at the same time improving data sharing and situational awareness between combat forces and their partners. The DDE project will provide a step change in the way our forces approach future combat situations.”