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Quantum RGB uses near real-time video feeds from standard third-party cameras or recorded video repositories to create a robust “QuantumID” for each person of interest passing through the field of view.

The QuantumID is a unique signature derived from a novel set of personal biometric frequency parameters.

Once assigned a QuantumID, the person will be subsequently tagged as QuantumID-XXXX” in any video feed, regardless of external appearance, orientation towards the camera, direction of movement, lighting conditions or time of day.

The QuantumRGB platform provides a powerful solution for a wide range of industries, from security to intelligence to retail to large-scale video content management. Depending on the application, the individual can choose to transform his always-recognizable yet anonymous QuantumID persona into a truly personalized entity through linkage with other identification information such as credit card, driver’s license, or customer loyalty card.

The company creates person-specific, 360 biometric QuantumIDs from any video feed.

Over the past three years, the company’s team of quantum physics, machine learning, computer vision, programming and spectroscopy experts have been developing the core technology and algorithms that generate the QuantumID.

This unique multi-disciplinary approach has allowed the company to bring new and emerging techniques into the realm of image processing and automated human tagging.

With the heart of the system successfully demonstrated, efforts are now focused on developing the core algorithms to be adaptive to a wide range of peripheral devices and “real life” environmental conditions.

Quantum RGB solution is suitable for a wide range of industries in a growing market:

HLS & Intelligence – The company will save lives and protect property by providing the homeland security and intelligence industries with a near real-time video analytics solution that reliably identified suspects based on a robust, fool-proof biometric ID.

Personalized Retailing – QuantumRGB will allow retailers to seamlessly leverage in-store behavior to provide the same level of real-time personalization that consumers have come to expect from online shopping – to the benefit of both consumers and retailers.

Commercial Security & Safety – The company will improve the safety and security of commercial, industrial and healthcare facilities by enhancing the capabilities of current technologies − linking them together into a comprehensive, holistic solution.

Video Content Management – QuantumRGB can help turn unstructured repositories of video content into searchable, intelligent catalogs  making them more easily accessible while safeguarding private identities.

Quantum RGB will showcase its innovations at the Video Analytics Conference organized by iHLS on November 2nd, 2016.