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The Swedish defence and security firm Saab is currently looking out for Indian partners to co-develop and co-produce its next-generation Carl-Gustaf M4 (CGM4) in India for the Army.

The M4 is a man-portable, multi-role shoulder-launched weapon system.

Saab’s Vice-President, FFV Ordnance AB, Christer Gordon told The Hindu BusinessLine: “We had very good and positive feedback from the Indian Army because of reduction in weight and the ammunition loaded. We tried to generate interest for the weapon. They are producing the old ones and they need to update the old ones,” .

According to, India had signed the first contract with Saab for Carl-Gustaf M2 weapons system in 1976, including technology transfer of Carl-Gustaf weapon and ammunition to Ordnance Factory Board (OFB). In 2005, Saab had inked another licensing contract for M3 with India.

“Since 1976, we have supported OFB to indigenise the product. We are now planning to follow the same route for Carl-Gustaf M4, which was launched in the market in late 2014. ‘Make in India’ is very important for us. India is already producing the M2s, M3s so you can produce the MP-4s also, Gordon said.

According to Saab’s website, the new Carl-Gustaf M4 provides high tactical flexibility through its wide range of ammunition types. Since 1948, the Carl-Gustaf multi-role weapon has been supporting dismounted infantry around the world in dealing with a full range of battlefield challenges.

A marked evolution in the history of the system, the new M4 model meets the needs of modern conflict environments while offering compatibility with future innovations.

In 2015 the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic became the first country to order the new Carl-Gustaf M4.

The new variant can communicate with ammunition, and the ammunition can be programmed from an advanced site. This enables it to give feedback to the site. It is also capable of ballistic calculation.

According to, the next-generation multi-role weapon system can be deployed in anti-insurgency / peacekeeping missions and traditional force-on-force conflicts in urban or complex combat environmental conditions. It is used to destroy armoured tanks with add-on armour protection, to neutralise landing craft and bunkers and to clear obstacles. It is also used to engage enemies in buildings.

The CGM4 features lightweight, flexible design incorporating titanium-made components and improved carbon fibre wrapping. The recoilless rifle offers enhanced agility and tactical flexibility allowing military forces to engage multiple tactical targets.

It has a length of less than 1,000mm and weighs less than 7kg, making it easy to carry. A crew of two, including a gunner and a loader, can operate the system.

The weapon system features improved ergonomics and is equipped with an adjustable shoulder rest and front grip. It is also fitted with an integrated shot counter for enhanced logistics and maintenance.

The system is attached with standard clip-on telescopic sight on a picatinny rail, allowing the users to install thermal sights or image intensifiers for night-time combat.

Additional sighting systems, including open sight, red dot and intelligent sights, can be optionally mounted based on specific needs of the customer.