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The test launch of an aerial drone from an unmanned submarine has been deemed a success, US defense contractor Lockheed Martin said in a press release recently.

“This effort marks a milestone in showing that an unmanned aircraft, surface vessel and undersea vehicle can communicate and complete a mission cooperatively and completely autonomously,” Kevin Schlosser, chief architect of Lockheed’s Unmanned Systems Technology Division, said in the release.

According to, the test took place during an annual US Navy technology exercise in the coastal state of Rhode Island. A ground control station launched the drone using an underwater acoustic signal, according to the release. A third vessel, an unmanned surface ship, also participated in the drill.

During the successful launch in mid-August, the drone also provided reconnaissance and surveillance while being controlled from its underwater counterpart.

Around the world efforts are being made to bring about an operational cooperation among autonomous vehicles on the air, ground and sea. It has become a growing operational need of armed forces which believe in the capabilities of autonomous vehicles to execute complex operational activity within a widespread zone.