New Video Analytics Search Engine

New Video Analytics Search Engine


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Valossa launched a new video analytics platform,, which recognizes people, visual entities, speech and motion. It creates structured metadata for video summarization, discovery, content management and monetization. understands the deep content data of videos and provides solutions for content production and contextual advertising.

The platform can do sentiment analyses (person is sad/confused) and even heart rate analysis based on a high-definition video stream alone, writes Techcrunch.

“There are many uses for our technology,” explains Ville Hulkko, the company’s chief commercial officer. “Especially for people working on huge film projects. Imagine you are looking for a particular piece of footage of a dog and a ball on the beach, for example. If you don’t remember when it was taken, you’ll spend a long time looking for the correct video clip. With our technology, it’s easy: You just search for it.”

According to the company’s website, all video data can be retrieved and accessed via a search engine.  

Such technologies can also have various homeland security applications, as thery are not only applicable to films and advertising.

The platform inspects video content in detail and generates descriptive metadata automatically. Instead of simple tagging of visual content, Valossa AI extracts and analyzes information from multiple information pipelines. This creates comprehensive interpretation of key elements in the video.