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As the presentations went on, the convention’s visitors got a clearer picture of expected developments in the unmanned aerial and land devices industry.

For example, Mr. Ehud Gal of General Robotics, focused on the future of autonmous robots in urban warfare and their abilities to work as a unified coordinated team.

Lt.Col. Leon Altrac of the IDF spoke about possibilities of virtually simulating an unmanned device before it’s actually made in order to skip the “trial and error” phase.

Presentors explained about new models and their advantages over current ones, other speakers spilled light on other subjects such as obstacles that new devices will deal with, including recent changes in the battlefield.
Listeners who later returned to the exhibition had a more firm idea of why lots of the new technologies look the way they do and of their abilities. The more experienced visitors, as well as developers themselves, found new ideas for co-operation in the industry and new creative ways to apply their inventions and move them forward.

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