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The agreement reached yesterday between the U.S and Israel will allow Israel to improve its anti ballistic missiles defenses.

According to the agreement Israel will get from the U.S 38 billion U.S $ in a period of ten years starting in 2019.

The total sum includes 5 billion U.S $ earmarked for missile defence and that will enable Israel to increase the arsenal of Arrow ballistic missiles interceptors and develop new systems.

In the past, some of the Arrow interceptors were manufactured in the U.S using the security grant money but the new agreement will “open new options” as one source told i-HLS.

Israel is continually bolstering its capability to intercept ballistic missiles and rockets.

The three tiered system is based on the Iron dome and David’s Sling rocket interceptors and the Arrow ballistic missiles interceptor.

While the Hamas in Gaza and the Hezbollah in Lebanon are stockpiling rockets, the major threat is from Iran. This country has a big arsenal of long range missiles. While some report  in the Iranian press about new versions of existing missiles are considered false, experts say that this country can launch a massive ballistic missile attack on Israel.