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An unnamed US firm has approached Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy (MHI) for a possible partnership to develop an armored vehicle.

Hisakazu Mizutani, the head of MHI’s Defense and Space Systems business confirmed the information..

“The U.S. is the easiest overseas market for us to do business in,” Mizutani said.

Building arms for foreign customers could give MHI more control of the intellectual property and make it easier for the firm to get approval to sell its products overseas.

According to Defense World, Mizutani said MHI was keeping the Japanese government informed of its discussions with the U.S. company. The results of those talks may be known by the year end, he added.

Potential foreign partners could be attracted by MHI’s armored vehicle technology, notably its heavy-duty tank engines, its gear technology and water jet propulsion systems that could be used to drive amphibious vehicles.