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The numerous delegations which will participate at the AUS&R Unmanned Systems and Robotics Conference on September 19 are interested first and foremost in doing business. Numerous media channels will cover the exhibition, as in previous years.

Delegations’ members told the organizing company, iHLS, that they arrive in Israel in order to get updated on the most recent innovations in the field, but that they were mainly interested in doing business. The delegation members represent leading companies and second-tier suppliers at the unmanned systems area.

Meetings and tours were scheduled for the representatives, who have been looking forward to dedicating every minute of their time in Israel to getting to know the industry and forging business relationships with its members.

Visitors from 30 countries have already registered to the conference, here is the updated list:

India,  Germany,  South Africa,  Ghana,  Brazil,  Argentina,  USA,  Switzerland,  Norway, Bangadesh,  Croatia, Australia,  France,  Italy,  Jamaica,  Serbia,  Finland,  Barbados,  Canada,  Taiwan,  Eritrea,  South Korea, Ecuador,  Hong Kong,  Sri Lanka,  Laos,  Poland,  China,  Angola, Kazahstan,  Russia.

For example, the large South Korean delegation includes the representatives of companies that develop and manufacture systems and components for the autonomous systems industry. “It has been clear from the communications with them that they come here to do business” said a senior manager at one of the defense industries that organized a tour for the delegation members.

The companies are mainly interested in cooperation with similar companies and networking with potential customers – developers and manufacturers of autonomous systems. Here are just a few of the many examples:

  • Developers of systems in the fields of communications, electronic warfare, software, electronics, command and control systems, wireless communications, image and signal processing, cellular communications, big data and sensors, are interested in cooperation with Israeli UAV operators and manufacturers.
  • A Hydrogen fuel cells manufacturer for high altitude UAVs seeks cooperation with other companies in this field for a collaborated development of the fuel cell.
  • A supplier of UAV lithium battery packs is interested in joint r&d with Israeli companies expertizing in this product. It would also like to connect with UAVs manufacturers as potential clients for the battery packs.
  • A manufacturer of lightweight components from composite materials for the UAV, UGV and robotics industries seeks cooperation with other companies in this field, as well as with UAV manufacturers.
  • A developer of radar systems for small UAV target detection systems and drone killer systems is looking for cooperation with other developers in this sector.
  • A company developing UAVs, including UAV ground control stations, is interested in collaboration with the manufacturers of payloads for UAVs, such as cameras, radar systems, electro-optical or infrared systems, etc. The company is also interested in Israeli technology for the identification of small UAVs by radar or any parallel system.

Businessmen from many countries have been applying daily to join the participants in the conference. 60 delegation members and businessmen have registered so far.

“The enormous interest in the conference by companies abroad proves Israel’s stance at the unmanned systems sphere”, said Meital Ben Dov, partner and manager at i-HLS.  

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