First Visual Proof regarding Hezbollah Attacking UAV’s

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A Hezbollah-affiliated media outlet has provided footage of fighting in Syria that it claims shows a new addition to the arsenal of the Lebanon-based terror group: attack drones.

The video, released on social media, features footage of a UAV dropping cluster bombs on three Syrian rebel positions in the countryside surrounding Aleppo in support of the Syrian regime.

this is the first visual evidence that the Iran-backed organization is using UAVs capable of carrying out bombings, according to The Times of Israel.

According to In 2005, Hezbollah used an Iran-supplied UAV to spy over Israeli airspace, alarming the IAF, whose commanders anticipate a new bout of fighting with Hezbollah at some point in the future.

Last month, Israel’s Patriot missile defense system failed three times to intercept a Russian UAV that accidentally breached Israeli airspace, according to The Times of Israel.