iHLS Signed Exclusivity Agreement for Purchase of International Airport in Poland

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iHLS signed exclusivity agreement for purchase of international airport in Poland.

According to the controlling stockholder Meital Ben Dov, the airport is located in a strategic region for international and inter-European Union flights. The preliminary project’s extent reaches approximately 40 million euro, and a two-fold increase is expected.

Several aviation sources have already expressed their interest in the possibility of transforming this airport into a center of activity in Eastern Europe. It is worth noting that Poland has become a preferred tourist destination for Israelis in the last year.

According to Arie Egozi, the partner and chief editor of the company’s website, the articles published daily on the website gain great feedback in the world and bring about many appeals to our company, which are taken care by the international business department.

“Whoever deals with the homeland security field follows the publications at our website. We have become an international knowledge hub for each and every one in the homeland security sector in the broadest sense of the word. The amount of appeals we receive is huge, and they relate to all types of projects. An airport is an excellent example, as it incorporates all the company’s spheres of activity – security, communications, cyber etc”.

According to Shavit Or, who serves as the director responsible for the B2B field and the international activity of the company, dealing with the airport is under the company’s responsibility. “We will contact first and foremost iHLS customers who participate in the company’s conventions and marketing activities.” He said that companies taking part in iHLS marketing activity seek to expand exposure and reach business opportunities.


“The company’s business activity is an excellent means to advance its customers”.

Asked what would happen if the company needs equipment and installations that are not in the possession of its customers, Shavit said that the pool of companies includes a huge variety of capacities. “The company’s widespread connections in Israel and around the world facilitate our efforts to find the suitable technologies even if they are not in the possession of the suppliers we work with at the moment. We have created an international network of business connections and today we have become a center for international knowledge regarding homeland security spheres in the broadest sense of the word”.