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Taking advantage of their genuine capabilities in numerous technological aspects, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have been developing various “tools” required for future security forces.

Many of these “tools” are tagged “classified”, however a few examples could demonstrate the main trends.

The IAI, a leading UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) manufacturer, develops small unmanned vehicles to support future forces in their missions, especially at the urban warfare sphere. Among them is a small UAS, equipped with two small explosive devices, which will enable a front unit to handle targets by itself, without getting support from other units.

There is a wide array of technological developments, such as a butterfly-shaped UAS, and another UAS that is capable of observing targets from close distance in a crowded urban perimeter.

IAI also offers new technological developments in the communication field, aimed at facilitating the operation of missions by the future forces. These include some secure cellular communication based systems, only to mention one example.

At the robotics field, IAI has been developing “tools” for supporting special future forces. First models are already tested, however development is still going on.

A highly advanced area has been the development of advanced observation means for day and night conditions, which enable the army or police forces to receive information regarding their sphere of operation under the best conditions.

But this is not all. The company has been developing systems to help troops locate improvised devices and mines, mainly when there is need to “open a route”  in a combat area.   

This activity is all based on the company’s vast experience in the development of military systems, but also upon the IDF’s accumulated experience.

As stated, most of the new developments are classified, yet they are all intended for enabling future military forces to operate more effectively while minimizing the number of casualties, from troops and uninvolved population alike.

You will be able to hear about all that and a lot more at the Innovation Conference for Future Forces tomorrow.  To the conference website