Polish Air Force F-16 Jets Deploy to Kuwait to Fight ISIS

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Polish Air Force F-16 fighters have departed Poland for the Middle East on Jul. 5.

Operating from the territory of Kuwait, the Polish Vipers are going to become a part of the global coalition fighting against ISIS, providing reconnaissance capabilities in support of Operation Inherent Resolve

According to The Aviationist, officers of the detachment are also going to provide their support to the Qatar multinational air operations centre, from where the reconnaissance sorties, carried out by the Polish F-16s using the Goodrich DB110 recce pod, will be coordinated.

This is the first operational combat deployment of the Polish F-16 jets.

The Kuwaiti deployment involves 130 persons. Simultaneously, Polish special forces are also going to be operating in the region, deploying 60 specialists who would provide training and consultancy support for the Iraqi Army.

The Kuwaiti deployment is a direct result of an order issued by President Andrzej Duda. Two detachments have been created, which are to remain on alert within the period between Jun. 20. and Dec. 31. this year.