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The crisis with Turkey didn’t start with the Marmara flotilla. It began when the Turkish ambassador was seated on a low chair in the ministry of foreign affairs in Jerusalem. Chance? Deliberate act? Humiliation is humiliation.

Now it’s Ankara’s turn to humiliate Israel. The agreement signed with Turkey is an embarrassment to the state of Israel. It agreed to compensate a bunch of rioters who were on the ship heading to Gaza – rioters who attacked IDF soldiers and tried to kill then.

There is no respect for Israel here, and no use in this either.

Turkey remains a hostile country and no amounts of sections in an empty agreement, aside from the amount of compensation fee, can change that.

Surveys in the past days have shown that most Israelis are against this agreement. But this government reveals weakness time and time again, it’s almost become its trademark.


Israelis, or some of them, want an “all-included” deal. Plates of food and pastries. This draws them to Turkey despite a strong travel warning. Israelis are also vacationing in Sinai, where terrorists are abound.

It seems that even the terror attack at the Istanbul airport will not deter those who prioritize paying less and eating more before their own lives.

More than 40 people died last Tuesday at the Ataturk airport, and some 140 people were injured.

Three terrorists arrived in a taxi, opened fire and then blew themselves up in the attack. Turkey reports that most of the dead and injured are Turkish citizens, but there are some foreigners.


Turkish presiden Erdogan has called prior to the attack on the airport to “unite in the war against terror.” This sounds like some bad joke. Turkey has offices of Hamas and Erdogan is calling for a war on terror. This is some new kind of black humor. But it gets even funnier than that.

Had the US-led coalition really wanted to destroy ISIS. it would have done so ages ago. But all the member states are only offering symbolic acts.

Instead of using extensive massive force, they’re sending some fighter jets every few days to hit ISIS territories.


After years of neglect, the defense ministry has finally decided to fix the holes in the fence in the area of Mount Hebron. Many casualties could have been spared had this been done before, but in Israel no one rushes to fix some things, even if they’re screaming out.

Everybody knew, many alerted but for years nothing was being done.

Only media pressure gets anything moving. Welcome to the club of things that don’t make sense in Israel.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief