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Records of hypocrisy and shame have been broken, both in the Palestinian authority and in Israel.

Israel’s fight against Palestinian terrorism is breaking all records of hypocrisy. When the Palestinian authority continues to incite teens to commit acts of terrorism in Israel, it never forgets to condemn the attacks it itself has initiated.

The Palestinian authority came out with an unusual message of condemnation Thursday, following the massacre the night before in Tel Aviv where four people were murdered, but the message had no direct reference to the attack. The message stated that the Palestinian presidency once again states its objection to any attack which hurts civilians on either side, regardless of excuses and justifications it might have.

The message stated that achieving peace and creating a positive atmosphere are what will help eliminate and decrease reasons for violence and tension in the area. It also stated that achieving peace will prevent actions which will heighten tension and the turn towards violence.

Such pretty words, such an act. Such hypocrisy.

But Israel is afraid to ruin the so called cooperation with the authority and is remaining silent. The answer to such incitement should have been powerful and violent. Cancelling the authority’s broadcasting stations and other violent measures, but Jerusalem is home to a government scared of its own shadow, and so the Palestinian authority can break these records each and every time.


This is no longer cold knives terrorism. This is terrorism which uses weapons and someone has fallen asleep on guard.

The last several terror attacks, terrorists have used a certain type of weapon. “Carlo” is the nickname of an improvised weapon based on the old Carl Gustav submachine gun used mostly in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

A primitive but lethal imitation, and mostly cheap and readily available. It also isn’t new. In fact, security services have known about it for over a decade, but so far, since it’s mostly been used in crime, no real effort was made to locate those producing it, and some of them are in the Palestinian territories.

Perhaps now an effort will be made to track down the workshops and destroy them. A place where firearms are being produced should be destroyed within hours.


A shameful but typical zig-zag. A crowd funded project managed to raise over a million NIS to aid IDF veteran Yehuda Ha-Israeli, who was badly injured during operation Protective Edge, and build him a separate living unit in his home in Ofra so that he could return home after a long rehabilitation.

The family explained that the problem lies with the defense ministry not authorising the expansion of the house. The ministry claimed that the rehabilitation branch is trying to assist him and his family, but cannot authorise another unit, beyond the letter of the law.

The Israeli people have proven themselves once again against a government lacking any honor to its soldiers. Only after the money was raised with public’s help had the new minister of defense, Avigdor Liberman, announced that the family’s home new wing will be built by the ministry.

Only when the public proved how thick this government is, did it cave.

A shameful but typical zig-zag for the government. Much respect to the citizens. No respect to the government.