iHLS Moved Its Offices to State-Of-the-Art Complex In Ra’anana

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iHLS has moved into its offices in Ra’anana this week. Such a move is certainly cause for celebration, especially when the new offices are so modern and luxurious. But in this case, the move marks the huge leap the company has made. The expansion of the company’s business, as well as establishing the world’s first defense accelerator, causing many startups to apply in hopes of being accepted to the program – all these are the reasons which made the company decide to move to the Lighthouse complex in Ra’anana. The luxurious complex includes many conference rooms, offices, and the CAMPUS – meant for meetings and conferences.

The complex is at the heart of the High-Tech area, in walking distance from every major tech company in Israel. The complex will have an area designated for the startup companies accepted to the program after careful selection by the committee (applications can still be sent until June 26), with working spaces.

20160606_102357The startups will receive extensive exposure in various conferences held by iHLS, as well as in the publications in various media channels focused on defense and homeland security. In this complex participants will enjoy a quality ecosystem which will include, among other things, lectures by various technological and professional experts in different fields, as well as meetings with representatives of leading companies, investors and delegations from across the globe.20160605_121436

After less than four year, iHLS has become a center for everything to do with homeland security in Israel and the world. But that is only the side our hundreds of thousands of readers know about. The growth is much more impressive: A growth of the conferences the company holds in Israel and abroad, cooperations with similar sites and TV networks around the world, holding international courses on the subject of homeland security, and recently extensive business activity which finds expression in connecting Israeli businesses in the field and their global counterparts.

20160606_102256 (1)And most of all – the world’s first defense accelerator, which will be operated with the sponsorship of leading companies such as IAI, Elbit systems, Verint and Incubit.

The interest in the defense accelerator is huge, coming from local and global startups who are interested in their business potential.

In less than four years iHLS has become a center for knowledge, activity and cooperation for anyone in the field, both in Israel and abroad. Dozens of applications reaching our offices every day can attest to that.

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