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About a month ago we have decided to build the first-of-its-kind defense accelerator. Our motivation was to offer companies just starting out the tools, abilities, exposure, and chance to grow and evolve in a world which calls for innovation, but has many blocks: The world of Defense and HLS.

We have published a call for proposals and started approaching startup companies and were surprised by how fast companies responded and by how many did. We now know that the market was waiting for such a tool. We have been approached by organizations, companies and individuals from all across the “food chain” – startup companies and entrepreneurs, investors and funds, companies and stakeholders. We were surprised to receive responses from foreign startup looking to join the project!

iHLS defense accelerator will be looking and encouraging two kinds of startups. The first – a creative out-of-the-box idea, which will be the basis for a product and capabilities meant for the worlds of defense, HLS, and emergency.

The other – “multi-role” technologies, adapting and adopting technologies from the civilan market to the military world.

Initiatives such as these are almost impossible to turn into reality without the help of the accelerator. Technological, business, and bureaucratic blocks are hard for startup in every field, let alone in the the defense world. The accelerator offers a direct connection and assistance from leading mentors in their field, guidance and support for those areas unique to the field of defense, difficulties and gaps which are usually where most initiatives die out. The companies accepted will also get to work with similar companies (in terms of the stage of the company) and to create a productive and beneficial mutual work space – a unique ecosystem.

Simulations and war games – Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Gaming, Behaviour Analysis technologies.

Training – Deep Learning, real-time training technologies.

Cyber – Cyber Intelligence, advanced sensors, Big-Data, Social Engineering, Pattern Analysis.

Weapons – None-lethal, effectiveness, sensors (radars, cameras, SIGINT), automatic capabilities.

Unmanned Systems – Propulsion technologies, composite materials, miniaturization, IoT, payloads, command and control, Video Analytics, automatic capabilities – ground, air, and sea.

Emergency – preparedness improving technologies, emergency response, medical capabilities, prediction of mass behaviour.

And that’s only just the beginning. There are no limitations on the companies accepted to the accelerator beyond the following criteria:

  1. An original and creative idea
  2. The ability to follow through with the idea
  3. Adapting the idea to the market’s demands and needs

The exposure the accelerator offers in global media (via the website, the newsletter, and iHLS international events), to foreign delegations, to relevant investors in the field (and not those who already see 200 startups each weeks and are worn out), and to the right companies – can be a unique stepping stone for the startups selected.

The Raanana accelerator complex is already being built, the companies are already signing up, and we cannot wait for the opening of the very first cycle in June.

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