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Romania has placed a EUR130 million order for a consignment of Rafael Spike-LR missiles, Romanian defence officials have told IHS Janes 360

The negotiations began in 2014 and the agreement was signed by the state-owned company Romtehnica and EuroSpike GhbH in January 2015. EuroSpike, which is a joint venture of Rafael, Diehl and Rheinmetall, is obliged to fulfill offset contracts for 80% of the order’s value.

The Spike-LR missiles are for the Rafael weapon stations that have been fitted to the Romanian army’s MLI-84M infantry fighting vehicles. The weapon station also carries a 25 mm cannon and a 7.62 mm machine gun

The Rafael’s Spike family of missiles is one of the most advanced when it comes to versatility and lethality.

The SPIKE Family is a 4th generation Electro-Optical Precision tactical missile family. The family includes precision strike capabilities in ranges between 50 meters to 30,000 meters.  

SPIKE LR is a 4th Generation light anti tank guided missile (13.7 kg) which is mainly intended as a portable Missile system for infantry and light combat vehicles.


The ground launcher can be supplied in two different configurations:

Portable configuration deployed on a light portable tripod and fired from a ground light launching system. The Launcher is carried by backpacks (Launcher backpack and SPIKE Round backpack) .The application is very light and weighs 26.7 kg (ready for launch).

VMLS Configuration (Vehicle Mounted Launching System) In this configuration the SPIKE LR Missile Weapon System is remotely controlled and integrated onto a vehicle’s turret or weapon station.