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Arie Egozi

Yesterday’s terror attacks were once again the result of the government not making decision, of a government not overseeing that the decision it makes are being acted out, of a government who is scared of anyone in the world who might criticize it.

Once upon a time other nations would look at Israel as the great priest of fighting terrorism, as after so long dealing with, it learned to handle it.

That is no longer the case. Today every small country somewhere in the world is countering terrorism better than Israel. Israel has the technologies and the knowledge, but there is no one to outline a policy, and what’s more – to execute it.

Yesterday the Prime Minister held another “emergency meeting” where it was decided for who knows what time to strengthen measures. I am sick and tired of writing about these steps, who everyone knows are vital, as much as how everyone knows they will not be taken.

The problem of illegal aliens is known about for years. Giant breaches in the wall in the West Bank, a whole industry of driving illegal aliens into Israel and employment of illegal aliens in Israel.

Decisions have been made before but nothing has been done.

It could have been funny if it wasn’t so sad.  The Prime Minister and Defense Minister are sitting with security seniors, telling them to do what should have been done years ago.

Drinking coffee or soda, eating cookies, and that’s it. Once the “emergency meeting” is over, it all stays the same.

Had Israel had one leader worthy of the title, all these meeting would have been unnecessary. They are only being done for PR, as everyone knows what should be done. But the government is sure we are idiots and is selling us dramatic nighttime emergency debates.

Pathetic. That’s what it is. A government in a country with so much experience countering terror is standing helpless with no one to decide – not to conclude in a well-phrased document in firm words, but to execute – and with the knowledge to respond if decision are not being carried out.

Why hadn’t they closed the breaches in the fence years ago? Why aren’t convoys of cars driving illegal aliens into Israel every morning being stopped? Why are they not working tirelessly against Israeli employers of illegal aliens?

I’ll tell you why – because this government has no ability to carry out its own decisions.

And there’s also the matter of incitement. This nighttime meeting also decided to take care of the incitement in the Palestinian media.

Israeli companies are developing and selling means to disrupt broadcast signals. But here – nothing. Abu Mazen is being asked to stop the incitement. I can imagine how hard he laughs at requests like that.

And the incitement of Hamas from Gaza – that too can be dealt with on point, but this, too, is not being done.

In short, the government’s helplessness is breaking every record. There are many declarations, attacks by the prime minister and his ministers. But other than chuckle, there really isn’t how to treat them.

This current wave of terror can be stopped, or at least calm down, but as the IDF, the police and the general intelligence service are suffering under the burden, the government is dysfunctional. There are many words and nighttime emergency meetings, but in reality- nothing.