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While each person might define it in different terms, Big Data is basically this: A collection of data from traditional and digital sources for ongoing discovery and analysis. What does it mean? In large, it is a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is so great, it is difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques. In most cases the volume of data is too big or it moves too fast or it exceeds current processing capacity.  Within this data lie valuable patterns and information, previously hidden because of the amount of work required to extract them.

Using Big Data technology, security and intelligence services can now more easily handle the threat of terror and insurgent elements. Using massive amounts of data from any possible source of intelligence, intelligence services can know much more about many more people and organizations conceived as a threat to Homeland Security.

The Big Data 4 HLS conference and exhibition will be held tomorrow, February 25th, at the LAGO conference center at Rishon Letzion. Haven’t registered to join the conference for free? What are you waiting for? We’ve got the best in the field to come and talk about every aspect and dimension of the uses of Big Data technology for Homeland Security.

Who is everyone?

First off is Dr. Mariana Gafni, System Engineer at IAI’s ELTA who will be speaking about cyber early warning as a key factor for employing an effective and efficient mitigation scheme against a cyber attack.

Also presenting at the conference are speakers from key players such as:

  • WE ANKOR, who will speak about a revolutionary software solution that allows for two orders of magnitude of improvement in performance in existing hardware.
  • AMAN who will speak about a solution which allows organizations to switch to Big Data systems without a learning curb with the same set of capabilities they have already had.
  • Malam Team, who will speak about the use of IoT and Big Data technologies in Defense.
  • CheckPoint, who will speak about the predictive properties of Big Data in threat prevention and security.
  • IBM, who will speak about a multidimensional investigative analysis for Intelligence.
  • TSG, who will talk about how to extract patterns in the haystack of data.
  • JUNIPER, on multidisciplinary aspects of cyber and threat information sharing.
  • Verint All In Image, who will present a case study of their system to improve performance in Big Data technology.
  • DMWay who will present their take on predictive analytics in money laundering prevention.

On top of hearing what the best minds in Israel in the field of Big Data have to say, you could also come and be impressed by the technologies being showcased at the exhibition.

Register now for free and come and see the latest groundbreaking technologies that are keeping you safe today at the Big Data 4 HLS conference and exhibition tomorrow!