4 More Gadgets To Keep You Safe

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Sadly, despite our best efforts, the world is getting more dangerous with every passing day, and Israel doubly so. Acts of terror are a constant and increasing danger, and Israelis risk their lives each time they brave the world outside. Criminals and predators are all around us. This is why we’ve decided to bring you a few more ideas and cool tools to protect yourselves and your loved ones.

Taser-PulseTop of the list takes Taser’s Pulse. This is the smallest weapon the company has produced, and it’s designed specifically for civilians, not cops. At 13.3 cm long and 11.4 cm tall – about the size of your hand – it can easily fit in a handbag, and weighing in at just 3227 grammes you’ll hardly know it’s there. Until you need it. It’ll set you back $399, but we think it’s well worth the price.

Athena_NecklaceComing out this spring is a new concept of personal alarm designed to “reduce assaults and ideally begin to transform society,” says Roar for Good, the startup behind the device. Athena, named after the most badass goddess of all, will set off an alarm “louder than a freight train” and can be worn as a pendant, or discreetly clipped to your belt or clothes. Alternatively, the $100 gadget can notify your contacts of your location if pressed for three seconds or longer.

Everyone wants to keep their children safe, but sometimes you don’t want to spend money on a device they’re likely to leave at home or forget somewhere. Enter, FamilyTime. This nifty app will give you peace of mind by monitoring your kid’s location (and their internet and smartphone activity as well). It’ll notify you when they’re ready to be picked up, where they are (and where they’ve been), and if there’s somewhere you think they really shouldn’t be going, you can set up alerts for when they do just that. Available for Apple and Android, the app’s free to install, but the premium version costs only $1.15 a month – we think it’s worth it.

ironkeyIf a mugger does get at your stuff, there are few things more valuable than your data. Personal objects can be replaced, and even restoring documents is nothing more than a hassle, but in the age of identity fraud and instant sharing, losing your personal data is truly terrifying. IronKey F200 from Imitation Enterprise is the solution you need. They offer a range of USB sticks with biometric protection. A fingerprint reader in the $189, tamper-resistant drive will keep your data safe.