Extending Coastal Defense to the Open Sea

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Designated Coastal & Island Defense System (CIDS) the system provides authorities with the tools to enforce national sovereignty over coastal areas, islands and archipelagos, protecting interests throughout the national Economical Exclusion Zone that can extend up to 200 miles from the seashore. IMI is displaying the CIDS at the Singapore Air and Defense Show in Singapore, 16-21 February 2016.

CIDS provides a comprehensive solution for coastal defense, integrating sensors, command, control and communications elements to create, update and process a situational-picture over a wide-area in real time. CIDS also provides users with effective, forceful response capability, using precision-guided rockets that can hit pinpoint targets at sea and on land, at distances of up 80 nautical miles.

The rockets used by the system enable coastal defenders to respond rapidly and decisively, engaging multiple moving targets simultaneously. CIDS offers a cost effective alternative to coastal artillery and missile systems, offering superior performance in range and precision over coastal artillery. It also provides higher degree of operational flexibility, through remote control and the ability to engage targets both at sea and on land.  

CIDS elements are distributed in multiple locations for optimal coverage and response. These elements are remotely controlled from the system’s central command post. Redundant communications links ensure resilient control over all distributed assets.

Configured for mobile, stationary or hybrid formations CIDS can easily adapt to specific user requirements, addressing flexible deployment in remote theaters.

The system provides decision makers with real-time situational picture, enabling constant assessment and prompt and forceful response deterring potential incursion or violations of sovereignty.