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What’s more infuriating than the way the testimony of the two young women who identified the killer from the terror attack in Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff st., is the police reaction once the failure was exposed.

After arguing who will respond to the claims for improper treatment of the testament of two young women who saw the killer on the bus fleeing from Tel Aviv to the north of the country, the reaction was something along the lines of “the testament had no value and would have changed nothing.” For four days Tel Aviv was practically under curfew, and here is a clear testament that the killer has already fled the area. Than how can anyone say that the two women’s testament has no value?

Even after similar mishaps, it seems that no much has been done to improve the main connection between civilians and the police – the 100 call center.

It is a weak spot that time after time causes great embarrassment to the police force.

All over the world police call centers are manned with experienced policeman who know among other things to recognise whether the tone of voice of the caller is serious or not. And worse still, due to the great number of call centers, information is passed among them – and not always to the right place.

It is time that this matter will be dealt with. If it won’t be, the next failure is only a matter of time.


The knives attacks in the West Bank raise the question of where have all our security experts gone?

All those officials who boast about understanding how to provide security to people everywhere.

They have vanished. We are still looking for them. Or, to be exact, the government has made them disappear, and isn’t allowing them to do their jobs.

Otherwise it cannot be understood how in terror spots in the West Bank no strong measure are being taken, and I mean strong – a closure, roadblocks, house to house searches, immediate destruction of terrorists’ houses. And that is only a partial list.

And if stones and molotov bottles are being thrown on vehicles on the 443 road, why aren’t snipers being stationed there and why isn’t intelligence being used to kill the terrorists seconds after they throw a rock or a molotov bottle?

Each time we discuss the question – how could a terrorist with a knife so easily get inside a settlement or a gas station? Come on. Everything is open. Most settlements don’t even have fences around them for ideological reasons. When there is a fence, it’s only symbolic.

The government has failed big time in this field. “We will provide security”, Binyamin Netanyahu keeps declaring. How sad a joke can be.


Residents of the Gaza envelope are hearing digging sounds right under their houses. They are not imagining. Hamas is digging tunnels, building posts, and heads of the communities are begging the government to build the obstacles to prevent tunnels being dug, reaching their homes. So they’re begging. The government is too busy with internal battles among the ministers and aren’t too preoccupied with the people in the Gaza envelope. The president of Egypt is flooding tunnels between Gaza and Sinai with water. We don’t have such leaders here. Here’s it is all talk.

History repeats itself and in Israel, more frequently than anywhere else on the planet. It is a history of failures which could have been avoided had they only listened – but really listened – rather than sit behind sealed windows in the offices in Jerusalem.

Arie Egozi iHLS editor-in-chief
Arie Egozi
iHLS editor-in-chief