Mobile Technology for The Family’s Safety

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Avi Yariv

Different cities around the world face different security challenges. Those challenges are a outcome of many parameters: economy, poverty, the Culture, the attitude to minorities, the attitude to children and many more.

Many people see technology innovation as a breakthrough in providing safety and security, all the way from smart fences; CCTV cameras spread and monitored 24/7 around the city – and all the way to sophisticated intelligence capabilities providing prevention.

A group of devoted people made it their mission to make New-Delhi, India – and India as a whole – a safer place, especially for woman. The situation in New-Delhi today is people don’t feel safe – At home, while driving the road, on public transportation, in a cab and walking the street. The problem is much more significant with woman and teenage girls.

This group had established an organization called “OneTouch”, with a mission to provide comprehensive safety and security assistance to those who desperately require it. The OneTouch teams are spread 24/7 around Delhi, and respond to any event which is triggered in the C3 center of this organization. This is widely based on state-of-the art mobile technology, providing families with a special developed mobile App which provides a SOS button – automatically notifying emergency contacts of the emergency event and the location of the event, and automatically dispatching a nearby team for help. The OneTouch teams are not replacing any of Delhi’s 1st responders’ organization, but trained with basic CPR and carrying the right equipment, it is very comforting to know that if your daughter feels some kind of distress on a public bus, within a matter of less than 10 minutes – someone will reach her.

Once all teams are deployed in the streets and the app is installed on one’s family members smartphones, more advanced capabilities are enabled – capability like safe calls – I want someone from the C3 center to pro-actively call my wife, if she is entering into an area where women were attacked the previous week, I’d like someone to monitor my daughter’s safety while in a public bus coming back from school, I’d like someone to come and stand next to my son if he has a car accident – till police arrives.

Organizations like OneTouch, while collecting money from subscribers for the cost of the teams on the streets and operating the C3 center around the clock, give new hope for utilizing technology to provide safety and security. The real test is how many people will join this effort in order to make today’s mega cities – a place to live and grow children in.