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The Polish Army is looking to acquire tactical battlefield simulation systems, according to a tender announced by the army’s Armament Inspectorate. The simulators are to be used to train the troops of mechanised and armoured units.

The potential suppliers will have to deliver the following elements:

  • A complex combat simulation system, intended to be used at the battalion level;
  • Four laser shooting simulators for the equipment used by the mechanised and armoured units;
  • Five tactical battlefield simulators for the mechanised and armoured units.

The third system, according to the tender, is to be used to “organise and realise trainings and exercises and to plan tactical operations within the contemporary battlefield, through application of a computer-based simulation.”

The first two systems (sensor and lasers systems), when installed on selected weapons and equipment, will need to enable practical verification, in realistic terrain and weather conditions, the planned tactical training operations of units as large as a battalion.

Moreover, the system will need to assist troops in perfecting their combat and engagement related skills, and simulate successful hits on a target.

Lastly, the systems will need to provide means to record and assess operations and successful hits.

Each system will need to be equipped with hardware and software tools to support the staff in training (both the teams themselves and the commanders) and to strengthen decision making processes. They will need to enable communication, cooperation, archiving, and assessment and visualisation of exercises.

According to the tender, a training session is to be organised to selected personnel.

The final deadline for application expires on 25 January 2016.