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The Russians not only took over Syria but they continue to supply their advanced systems to arab countries.

The recent deal is with Egypt for the supply it with the ‘President-S’ Anti-aircraft, Anti-missile System.

Egypt will receive President-S onboard defense systems from Russia to protect aviation from anti-aircraft missile systems and air-launched missiles.

“There is a contract and we’re working within this contract. The deliveries will start in the imminent future,” Igor Nasenkov, first deputy head of Radioelectronic Technologies Group (KRET) was quoted as saying by Tass on Friday.

The missile defense system is designed to provide individual protection for military and civil aircraft and helicopters from airborne and anti-aircraft missile systems and also from enemy’s ground and sea-based air defense artillery systems, the news agency reported.

The President-S system is capable of revealing the threat of an attack from the enemy’s fighter jets, anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems. It can destroy and suppress the optical homing warheads of air and antiaircraft missiles, including the homing warheads of man-portable air defense missile systems.

“The U.S is losing its status in the region and Putin does not intend to leave a vacuum,” an Israeli source said.

Such a system could have potentially saved the Russian Tu-154 airliner mistakenly destroyed by a Ukrainian defense missile in 2001, or Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, which was shot down over eastern Ukraine in July 2014 by a Russian-made BUK ground-to-air missile in circumstances that are still not clear.

According to KRET, currently all new military and special aviation technology models are equipped with these systems. Mass production thanks to government orders and experience in using the systems have helped reduce their production and maintenance costs.