Foxcom: Communications Solution, Now For the Security Industry

Foxcom: Communications Solution, Now For the Security Industry

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Out of all the technologies surrounding us, perhaps the most revolutionary technology is the we use to communicate. The ability to contact a person hundreds of kilometers away might be what demonstrates more than anything the world we live in. This ability has now made another leap forwards – wireless communications capability. Wireless communications has changed our lives completely in almost, if not all, areas of life. But one field has found this technology to be of critical importance: The security field. The ability to maintain continuous communication is essential for security services. Furthermore, the ability to receive the information from a distance without having to enter the field can make the difference in the security of human lives.

Foxcom-FiberFoxcom has developed a system which converts the wireless radio signal into an optic signal, which can be transferred over a fiber across many kilometers. The result: The ability to transfer wireless radio signals and to enlarge the wireless cover area. The most popular civil application is for cellular communications inside buildings, underground parking lots, shopping malls, airports, etc. Each floor has a small antenna connected via optic fibres to a switch in the building, which is connected to a central cellular station.

Now the company has announced the establishing of a new division: Foxcom DSA (Defense, Security and Aeronautics). This division is meant to to meet the most rugged and demanding needs of the military and aeronautics markets. The Radio Link solution allows security services to sit in safety with the encrypted radio device and broadcast to an antenna located in a remote location, even hundreds of miles away, by transferring the radio signal over a network of optic fibres.

The Radio Link system is available in several variations: The first is tactical for fast deployment and use in the field, the second is modular and multi-channeled for connecting control and command centers to border points, and the third is tactical and light-weight, to be carried by communications balloons and drones for maximizing the cover area.

Among the range of classical solutions for transferring radio over optic fibres, Foxcom also offers a solution to be used in closed spaces, even underground, using Iridium satellite phones.

Foxcom will present its technology at the Military Technologies and C4I for Terrain Dominance, held tomorrow, December 23rd, at the LAGO conventions center in Rishon Letzion.terrain