Boeing Develops EMP Weapon

Boeing Develops EMP Weapon

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You may have thought that Boeing is all about airplanes,  but the company has a less known department called Boeing Phantom Works. This department develops military technology for the US Department of Defense or for different military branches. Boeing mainly produced unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, but now it seems that they are working with the US Air Force on an EMP weapon.

This weapon, called CHAMP which stands for Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project, is designed to disrupt the activity of any electronic device found in the blast radius. The EMP blast affects only electronic equipment, without harming humans, animals, plants or infrastructures. Such a weapon offers a great deal of precision, so that only buildings or rooms with military equipment can be targeted and there is no destruction or collateral damage done. This is crucial in modern warfare, because the fighting takes place in urban locations where conventional ammunition can easily injure noncombatants.

During a test in 2012, CHAMP managed to disable seven different targets in a single flight. The drone shaped missile flew over several structures for one hour and irreparably disabled the electronics from the targeted buildings.

CHAMP’s black exterior appears to make it almost undetectable at night, enabling it to fly over areas and pinpoint buildings to knock out power — without damage or casualties. It can also can fire multiple times, pinpointing and blacking out only essential targets.

There are no reports, so far, regarding the effect of CHAMP’s EMP blast on military-hardened electronics, which has a higher degree of protection and the electronics inside them are protected by a shield against electromagnetic interference.

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